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  1. NEW Ben Simmons Autographed “Melbourne Skyline” 36 x 15

    Ben Simmons Autographed “Melbourne Skyline” 36 x 15

    Melbourne, Australia, is known as the unofficial sporting capital of Australia, and it has the resume to back it up. Since 1981, no other city in the world has produced more No. 1 picks in the NBA Draft, with the likes of Andrew Bogut, Kyrie Irving, and most recently Ben Simmons. Simmons became a standout athlete after leading the 2012 FIBA Under-17 Australian National Team to a silver medal at the World Championships as a 15 year old. Magic... Learn More
  2. Ben Simmons Autographed & Inscribed "Facilitator" Backboard

    Ben Simmons Autographed & Inscribed "Facilitator" Backboard

    Upper Deck Authenticated’s line of miniature backboards is one of our most popular pieces of memorabilia. Ben Simmons now joins a list of backboards UDA has produced for Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Love and many others. Simmons’ backboard features action images of him in his Sixers blue uniform and two in the background in his white uniform, all printed on a layer of acrylic. In the center in the... Learn More
  3. Ben Simmons Autographed Philadelphia 76ers White City Edition Swingman Nike Jersey

    Ben Simmons Autographed Philadelphia 76ers White City Edition Swingman Nike Jersey

    The NBA produced City Edition jerseys for a select number of teams in the 2017-18 season, and the Philadelphia 76ers version instantly became one of the most popular thanks to its classic script font and clean lines. And the jerseys became instant hits with the players as well as they chose to wear them often during the impressive run to the playoffs. Front and center was rookie point forward Ben Simmons, who notched 12 triple-doubles as a... Learn More
  4. Ben Simmons Autographed "Great From Above" Acrylic Display

    Ben Simmons Autographed "Great From Above" Acrylic Display

    This unique memorabilia piece is Upper Deck Authenticated’s latest offering in our “Great From Above” line. It brings collectors a unique perspective of sport captured by a camera above the action. This image captures the amazing athleticism of a gliding Ben Simmons as he gets ready to strongly finish a slam dunk. This image is photographed from above the action, giving it depth and a unique perspective. It’s printed on a 28” x 16” acrylic... Learn More
  5. Ben Simmons Autographed Framed "Jam" Canvas 20 x 24

    Ben Simmons Autographed Framed "Jam" Canvas 20 x 24

    Players with Ben Simmons’ skill set are rare. Players with his skill set, size and leadership qualities are generational players. In short time, Simmons has established himself as a player whose versatility could be his greatest asset. At 6-foot-10 and quick, he can easily play the four and dominate with his combination of strength and quickness. With his impressive ball-handling skills, vision and quick feet, he can run the point as well as... Learn More
  6. Ben Simmons Autographed "Driven" 16 x 24

    Ben Simmons Autographed "Driven" 16 x 24

    What separates good players from great is the inner drive they possess. All professional players are superior athletes, but guys like Ben Simmons hold within them the intense self-motivated pressure to succeed at the highest level. This drive carried Simmons to an outstanding rookie season that culminated in the 76ers earning their best record (52-30) since the 2001 NBA Finals season. The Sixers earned the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference,... Learn More
  7. Ben Simmons Autographed "Deliver" Color 36 x 15

    Ben Simmons Autographed "Deliver" Color 36 x 15

    In 2013, Ben Simmons moved from his native Australia to play high school basketball at Montverde Academy in Florida. He had already created a name for himself on the international juniors level as he represented his country in several tournaments. At Montverde he quickly established himself as a playmaker and outstanding all-around player. Before his high school career was done, he would go on to lead Montverde to three straight High School... Learn More
  8. Ben Simmons Autographed "Deliver" Black & White 36 x 15

    Ben Simmons Autographed "Deliver" Black & White 36 x 15

    Ben Simmons has never shied away from putting pressure on himself. When he first arrived in the United States in January 2013 from his native Australia, he immediately joined the basketball team at Montverde Academy in Florida. Simmons already had a basketball reputation after having played for Australia on the international level. But he soon forged his own spot as one of the United States’ most promising young high school players. In that... Learn More
  9. Ben Simmons Autographed The Show Rookie Slam

    Ben Simmons Autographed The Show "Rookie Slam"

    As if the numbers weren’t impressive enough, the influence Ben Simmons had on the 76ers organization as well as the culture of Philadelphia basketball as a rookie was higher than anyone’s expectations. On the court, the 6-foot-10 point forward averaged 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, 8.2 assists and 1.7 steals per game. Those numbers will put him in the All-Star Game for years to come. But perhaps more impressive was the steady leadership, focus on... Learn More
  10. Ben Simmons Autographed & Inscribed “The Fresh Prince” Authentic Spalding Basketball

    Ben Simmons Autographed & Inscribed “Fresh Prince” Authentic Spalding Basketball

    While winning is the chief focus of the young Philadelphia 76ers, they are having fun doing it. While teammate Joel Embiid has been given the moniker “The Process” as everyone involved in the organization has been telling everyone to “Trust the Process,” Simmons has been given many nicknames. While some of his nicknames are more creative than others, “Fresh Prince” has stuck. It’s a nickname that honors the former TV character played by Will... Learn More
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Big men who can handle the ball are rare in basketball. But 6-foot-10, 240-pound athletes who can play any position on the court – including point guard – are potential generational players. Ben Simmons is a point forward in the mold of very few players who have come before him. The sky is the limit for the Australian native as he prepares to enter the NBA. All indications are that he’s more than equipped emotionally and physically to make his own path. As a freshman at LSU, he averaged 19.2 points, 11.8 rebounds, 4.8 assists, 2.0 steals and 0.8 blocks per game. He has the handle of a savvy point guard but the bulk and aggressiveness of a true power forward. Once he steps onto an NBA hardwood for the first time, the expectations will be grand. The results may be even better. Let the journey begin.

Upper Deck Authenticated has long prided itself on partnering with the world’s greatest athletes in order to produce the highest quality sports memorabilia anywhere. Our relationship with Ben Simmons once again proves our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality, most unique design and most comprehensive portfolios in the world of sports collectibles.