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Marvel Contest Of Champions: Battlerealm

Welcome to the Contest of Champions: Battlerealm in which you play as one of your favorite Contest of Champions Heroes including: Ant-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Civil Warrior, Falcon, Guillotine, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Vision, in this strategy combat dice game for 3-6 players. Using the mystical influence of ISO-8, the greedy Elder of the Universe known as the Collector has summoned Heroes to a brawl of epic proportions. The Heroes are pitted against each other in an all-out, knockdown, drag out slugfest! Do you have what it takes to be the last Hero standing?

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The Components:
  1. (52) Power Cards – 4 per Hero
  2. (13) Character Cards
  3. (40) Location Cards
  4. (6) Custom six-sided dice
  5. (14) Standees
Goal of the Game:

The game ends when only one Hero remains standing (is still in the game and not in the Prison) or when one Hero reaches a total of 21 PVP Points. Note: The game ends immediately if one Hero manages to reach 21 PVP Points at any point during their turn.

Dice Actions:

Contest of Champions uses 6 custom six-sided dice for combat, movement and to trigger each Hero’s special abilities. The dice symbols are:

Dice Actions from Marvel Contest of Champions
The Locations:

There are 40 Location Cards that represent key locations in the Battlerealm. Each Location Card has the location’s name in the top right hand corner of the card and the location’s ability along the bottom of the card. Any Hero on a given location can use the location ability on that card, while a few of the locations, like The Kyln, Crystal Prison and Deep Space have abilities that must be followed by all Heroes at that location. A Location Card’s top left corner has a PVP Point number showing how many PVP Points (0-3) a Hero will gain when they first land on the location during their turn. A Hero may gain PVP Points from landing on multiple locations in one turn. If your Hero remains on the same location from one turn to the next, your Hero will not gain any additional PVP Points for that location each turn, as your Hero only gains the PVP Points when your Hero first lands on it.

The Super Heroes:

Contest of Champions includes 13 different Heroes. Each Hero has a Character Card, four Power Cards and a standee containing the Hero’s image. The Hero’s Character Card contains the Hero’s primary power, special abilities and a counter to keep track of the Hero’s PVP Points. The Hero’s starting PVP Point value is in red. The Hero’s four Power Cards contain the Hero’s secondary powers, which require rolling a specific set of dice to activate.

Power Cards from Marvel Contest of Champions
Using Your Powers:

There are two types of primary powers. First, there are primary powers that add an additional die result to the Hero’s dice roll total or provide the Hero with an additional re-roll for the turn. This type of primary power is only used once per turn when rolling the Hero’s combat dice. The second kind of primary powers are constantly in effect during the game. These Special Abilities often make the Hero immune to a specific dice result, or provide them with some other unique advantage or capability. The Power Cards contain each of the Hero’s Secondary powers that can be used only once per turn, but they must be activated by rolling a specific set of dice symbols and “expending” those dice results.

Super Hero Power Cards from Marvel Contest of Champions Eliminating a Hero:

A Hero is knocked out after the Hero’s PVP Points are reduced to zero. This Hero is permanently eliminated from the game. When a Hero is removed from the game, the Hero who landed the final blow gains 3 PVP Points for doing so. In addition, the Location Card that the eliminated Hero was on is permanently removed from the game, reducing the total number of Location cards in the game by one. Any other Heroes that were on the eliminated Location Card must transfer to either one of the adjacent locations as desired. Remember, the Crystal Prison card cannot be removed from the game, nor can Heroes choose to move to the Crystal Prison card.