Doctor Strange

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ACTUAL Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange


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From Surgeon to Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange’s entire world, and ours, has rested within his hands. His skills with a scalpel, matched only by his ability in weaving intricate spells, have protected our world and saved countless lives. Upper Deck Gallery’s first print for the Sorcerer Supreme focuses on that very fact.

“Dr. Strange is a character whose entire existence is driven by reliance of the ability of his hands at his profession”, said illustrator Liam Brazier. “That’s a fear I can certainly identify with. Also; I’m a bit strange.”

“I am somewhat that of a two-dimensional sculptor, attempting to show form through planes of shapes, and values of colour…or it’s all just a document of the slightly odd processes of my over analytical brain.”

The Sorcerer Supreme is presented in this 25” x 36” premium screen printed poster that is perfect for all Marvel fans new and old. Limited to only 250 pieces this amazing piece is available at for $59.99 while supplies last!

Jump in for a mind bending look into the world of Doctor Strange.
ACTUAL Doctor Strange

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Artist Liam Brazier
sku 87354
Paper Type 100lb Cover - White
Print Method Screen Print
Video No

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