Infinite Illusions

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NEW Infinite Illusions Spider-Man Vs Mysterio

Infinite Illusions


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Keeping the neighborhood safe is no small task when sinister villains threaten every corner. The latest print from Upper Deck Gallery features Spider-Man locked in a duel with one of his nemesis, Mysterio.  Italian comic book artist Francesco Francavilla captures a zoomed in view of the duo facing off and frames the composition with webbing. This point of view brings the viewer right into the action. Silver foil elements highlight Mysterio’s iconic fishbowl helmet and Spider-Man’s webbing creating a stark contrast to the silhouette of the city in the background.

REGULAR TITLE: Infinite Illusions
ARTIST: Francesco Francavilla
DIMENSIONS: 18”x 24”
PRINTING PROCESS: Giclée with Silver Foil
MATERIAL: 120lb McCoy Gloss Cover 10% PCW White
SKU: 92342
PRICE: $59.99

Infinite Illusions Spider-Man Vs Mysterio

Additional Information

Artist Francesco Francavilla
sku 92342
Paper Type 120lb McCoy Gloss Cover 10% PCW White
Print Method Giclée
Video No

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