2017 Alien Movie Trading Cards

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2017 Alien Movie Trading Cards

2017 Alien Movie Trading Cards


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  • 2017 Alien Movie Trading Cards
  • Open the Box | 2017 Alien Movie Trading Cards
  • special order 937 card
  • inside the nostromo card
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  • semiotic patch card
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  • signature card
  • base card

SKU# 87613

Collect the 100 card base set printed on throwback designs and vintage-feeling cardstock, featuring images from the original movie that started a franchise. Look for a variety of parallel sets including: silver foil - 1 in every pack, Blue foil - #'d to 99, Red foil - #'d to 25, Canvas -
#'d to 15!

7 Different insert sets showcasing behind the scenes images, deleted scenes and more!

Find Single, Double & Triple Actor Autograph Cards including all new mechanical apperture cards!

1 of 1 Artist Sketch Cards depicting modern recreations of iconic scenes and characters from the movie.

Android Parts and Mineral Ore! Look for cards containing manufactured items seen inside the abominable android, Ash as well as actual pieces of mineral ore that would attract a ship full of doomed spacefaring miners.

Semiotic Patches! Collect manufactured patch cards inspired by icons from the movie.

Alien Egg Shadowbox Cards! Find and open* unique alien egg cards and reveal the frightening contents within!

Look for Authentic 1 of 1 press plate cards!

This box contains 18 packs per box, 5 cards per pack.
2017 Alien Movie Trading Cards

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