Bobby Orr Signed Hockey Pictures

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  1. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed “Dominance Collage” 30x15

    Bobby Orr Autographed “Dominance Collage” 30x15

    The game of hockey is built on defense and toughness. The skaters that defend their net are invaluable cogs in the machine of success. One of the most accurate measuring sticks for defensemen is plus/minus. It measures how positive a player’s time on the ice was with goals allowed and goals scored as the statistics. In 10 years in Boston, he led the NHL in this category six times. He sits second in league history on the all-time plus/minus... Learn More
  2. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed “Clarity” 16x20

    Bobby Orr Autographed “Clarity” 16x20

    Defensemen are supposed to sit back guarding their net. The best blue liners in the world tend to not cross the midline with fear of leaving their goaltender vulnerable to a counter attack. But Bobby Orr wasn’t your typical defenseman. In fact, it wasn’t that the Boston Bruins Hall of Famer wasn’t typical, it was that he was in fact a game-changer. The offensive prowess and overall mastery of the ice made him one of the best all-around skaters... Learn More
  3. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed The Show “Vision”

    Bobby Orr Autographed The Show “Vision”

    Upper Deck Authenticated continues to adapt to a sports memorabilia market that’s hungry for innovation. “The Show” is a line of large-signature art pieces with an accompanying image printed on acrylic. The latest twist on this popular line is a cool layer on color printed on the acrylic along with action images. The latest to receive this treatment that debuted in the marketplace in 2019 is Bobby Orr. This version of “The Show” is entitled... Learn More
  4. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed The Show “Revolutionary”

    Bobby Orr Autographed The Show “Revolutionary”

    The Show” has become one of the most awe-inspiring lines of sports memorabilia around. It features images printed on a top layer of acrylic and a large autograph underneath signed on p-velvet archival paper. It’s reserved for the best of the best in the Upper Deck Authenticated portfolio, and the latest athlete to bestowed this honor is former Boston Bruins great Bobby Orr. This action image of Orr ready to make a move with the puck is printed... Learn More
  5. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed Tegata

    Bobby Orr Autographed Tegata

    There may not be a more popular line of sports art currently in the memorabilia market than Upper Deck Authenticated’s Tegata. UDA has honored some of the top athletes in history in various sports with this truly unique piece that includes an ink handprint which is then autographed and surrounded by a collage of images from his or her great career. Bobby Orr has now followed in the footsteps of Wayne Gretzky and Patrick Roy to be the only... Learn More
  6. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed “Power & Precision” Breaking Through

    Bobby Orr Autographed “Power & Precision” Breaking Through

    The NHL has awarded the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the league’s top defenseman since 1954. To this day, no skater has won more than Bobby Orr, who captured eight Norris trophies during a storied Hall of Fame career. While some may have come close to matching his defensive prowess, none in the history of the game have been able to equal the offensive all-around game he possessed. He’s widely regarded as the top dual-threat... Learn More
  7. NEW Bobby Orr & Wayne Gretzky Autographed “Unmatched” 20 x 24

    Bobby Orr & Wayne Gretzky Autographed “Unmatched” 20 x 24

    No skater meant more to hockey in the 1970s than Bobby Orr. He carried the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup championship twice (1970, 1972), winning six Norris trophies as the league’s top defenseman in the decade (eight overall). He was selected as NHL First Team All-Star eight consecutive seasons. When the NHL needed a new face to carry the league into the global phenomenon it is currently when Orr retired, in stepped Wayne Gretzky. He... Learn More
  8. NEW Bobby Orr Autographed & Inscribed “Clarity” 16 x 20

    Bobby Orr Autographed & Inscribed “Clarity” 16 x 20

    The early days of the NHL were filled with outstanding individual and team performances as the sport grew into an international phenomenon. Then came the 1974-75 season. That’s when Bobby Orr – already entrenched as one of the game’s great sportsmen – put together one of the most outstanding seasons not only in NHL history but in the annals of team sport. In leading the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup championship, Orr collected the following... Learn More
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