The Crow: Fire It Up

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The Crow: Fire It Up

The Crow: Fire It Up


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  • The Crow: Fire It Up
  • Maxi-Dogs Card
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The Crow™: Fire It Up!™ is a board game with two very different sides:

The Motor City Gang player(s) use their gang of Street Demons (T-Bird, Funboy, Tin Tin, and Skank) and Lieutenants (Myca and Grange) to burn buildings and cause havoc around the City, as they work to achieve a secret Objective. Their boss, Top Dollar, waits patiently in his home/office/bar/club – the Pit – until he is needed.

The Crow player uses Eric Draven, The Crow, Officer Albrecht, and Sarah to move around the City, protecting buildings and hunting down the four Street Demons who murdered Eric and his fiancée. But Eric is compelled to kill them in a particular order, and only then can he confront the architect of his misery: Top Dollar.

- 2 Player Boards
- 4 Double-sided Neighborhood Boards
- 10 Custom Combat Dice (5 for both the Crow player and the Motor City Gang players)
- 13 Full-color Standees and stands
- 2 Attack Power Reference Boards
- 46 Custom Tokens (11 Building Tokens, 15 Fire Tokens, 1 Time Bomb Token, 6 Burning Building Tokens, 5 Health Tokens, 6 Death List tokens, 1 Flaming Crow Token, 1 Action Marker Token)
- 98 Game cards (12 Character Cards, 11 Building Cards, 15 Objective Cards, 30 Crow Plot Cards, and 30 Gang Plot Cards)
- Color Rulebook
The Crow: Fire It Up

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