Vs. System® 2PCG®: The Buffy Battles

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Game Type: Core Game

Length: 30 Minutes

Age: 12+

Players: 2

Cards: 200

Gameplay: Competitive


You have been chosen!

In every generation, there is a chosen one, who will stand against the forces of darkness. This is the Slayer. Enroll in Sunnydale and start your training. Buffy the Vampire Slayer has joined Vs. System 2PCG With 4 new Main Characters and 13 new Supporting characters per team you can build all-new decks for either The Scoobies or The Forces of Darkness.

This stand-alone set is a great jumping in point for new players. This expansion is fully compatible with the entire Vs. System 2PCG line of products.


VS. System 2PCG: The Buffy Battles includes:

  • 200 playable cards across 2 new team factions
  • Game tokens
  • Full color rule sheet

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More Information
Game Type Core Games
Game Brands Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel, Vs. System 2PCG

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