VS System® 2PCG®: A-ForceVS System® 2PCG®: A-Force

Upper Deck's NEW VS System® 2PCG®: A-Force now available!VS SYSTEM® 2PCG®: A-FORCE

Vs. System® 2PCG® is more than just a head to head battle of two armies. It is an ever evolving war where a lead or advantage can change with a single card. This is at the heart of every Plot Twist and Vs. System® 2PCG® A-Force brings some new Plot Twists with that very idea in mind. VS System® 2PCG®: A-Force Features: All new playable content based on Marvels A-Force, Same style of gameplay as core set, 200 playable cards, Streamlined game design, New “Low Barrier of Entry” for New Players NOTE: Requires the VS System: The Marvel Battles Set to play.

Welcome to the rebirth of the Vs. System! Over a decade ago the original Vs. System let you simulate epic superhero battles. Now the game’s back and better than ever! In this box you’ll find four teams: The Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and of course, the Super Villains. You and your friends can play each team against each other, or you can mix and match characters to create the ultimate crossover.

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