Clerks Variant

  • Limited Edition of: 100
  • Artist: Steve Stark
  • Size: 24" x 36"
  • Printing Process: Lithograph
  • Edition Type: Variant


Clerks, the 1994 American comedy credited which launching Kevin Smith's career, features a wild day in the life of two witty store clerks, Dante and Randal. The two friends have an unexpectedly exciting day that includes everything from going out of their way to annoy customers to playing hockey on the roof of the convenience store. This incredible cartoon illustration is printed on a 24" x 36" lithograph poster that depicts all the fan favorite characters from the movie, including Dante, Randal, Silent Bob, and Jay. Presented in black and white, just like the movie, the Stark illustration also includes notable scenes from the film such as the Chewlies Rep and the infamous cat on the countertop.

"I absolutely love this movie. I hope it shows through in the drawings," said artist Steve Stark. "The team at Upper Deck and I tried to put in as many references as possible. It's the seed for the entire View-Askeuniverse."

Limited to 100 variant prints, this poster is a must have for any collection!

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