Dark Legacy: The Rising Card Game

Dark Legacy™: The Rising

Welcome to the world of Titan. The peoples of this world have been thrown into a war for power and have divided themselves into six factions, all seeking to rule the planet. Which faction will you align with?

Dark Legacy™: The Rising is a card game where players take on the role of a Hero. Using weapons, armor, creatures and spells, the players will construct a deck to try and defeat their opponents. Battles will give experience and enable the players to unlock additional cards and abilities.

Dark Legacy: The Rising Card GameDark Legacy: The Rising Card GameDark Legacy: The Rising Card Game

Exploring Titan

On a planet being ravaged by a war for power you’ll need to learn to survive. Like everyone else in this world, you begin your journey as a lowly fighter. Possessing only the most basic knowledge of weapons and spells will not be enough. As your experience in battle grows, so too will your mastery of the advanced technology and powerful magic found scattered across the land.

Titan is wrought with diverse factions seeking power. Those wanting pure power follow the Wind, while those in search of balance align themselves with Earth. If you praise knowledge use it to build Tech or you could destroy it through Chaos. Will you focus your will and master the spirit of the Divine or will your soul be consumed by the Darkness? Only time will tell.

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