Dark Legacy: The Rising - Chaos vs Tech


Game Type: Core Games

Length: 45-60 Minutes

Age: 14+

Players: 2

Cards: 120

Gameplay: Competitive


Dark Legacy: The Rising is a unique card battle game that mixes strategy, character-building and dice rolling. You take on the role of a hero within one of six different clashing factions on the war-torn planet Titan. To defeat your opponent, you can build up a deck of magic spells that no one can withstand and summon the strongest army with the unique and various weapons, armor and relics by rolling the d20.

This starter set pits the Chaos faction vs the Tech Faction.

Chaos: The Chaos faction is brutal and violent. Their cards feature powerful direct damage spells and creatures that will sacrifice themselves in order to inflict maximum damage to their opponents.

Tech: The Tech faction is the most technologically advanced and prides themselves for their creativity and innovation. Their cards focus on controlling the battlefield with crafty counter spells, damage mitigation and other battlefield manipulation effects.

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More Information
Game Type Core Games
Game Brands Dark Legacy, Original IP

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