Eastern Woodblock: Wolverine Variant

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Doctor Strange

Eastern Woodblock: Wolverine Variant


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He sits, contemplating under the snowy moon. The result of his last skirmish is scattered around him. His clothes are torn a show signs of battle but his body has healed any wounds long ago. His next opponent approaches with silver armor shining in the moonlight.

Wolverine’s connection to the land of rising suns and samurais has long been documented in Marvel Comics.

“Wolverine's history has always been intrinsically linked to Japan and the way of the samurai”, said artist Marcelo Baez. “I wanted this ukiyo-e inspired print to feel like being in the eye of the storm… the calm warrior…moments away from releasing the savage Wolverine in a clash with Silver Samurai.”

Eastern Woodblock: Wolverine is presented in this 18” x 24” Giclée on Canvas Gloss and is perfect for all Marvel fans new and old. In this variant edition, limited to only 100 pieces, the color is muted to a sepia tone to give the piece a more classic feel and bring is closer it’s heritage. The variant is available for $89.99 while supplies last!
Doctor Strange

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Artist Marcelo Baez
sku 87431
Paper Type White Archival Canvas Gloss
Print Method Giclée
Video No

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