Infinity Gauntlet Act II

Limited to 250

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Infinity Gauntlet Act II

Infinity Gauntlet Act II


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  • Infinity Gauntlet Act II
  • Infinity Gauntlet Print Series

SKU# 90255

The Astral Conflagration – composed of the universe’s mightiest cosmic entities — unites with Earth’s heroes in the star-filled void of space to thwart Thanos’ plans for galactic annihilation. Artist Crystal Graziano’s expertly illustrated print is an ode to the original comic art from the 1991 Infinity Gauntlet series written by Jim Starlin and is limited to an edition size of just 250 pieces. Get yours quick — this piece is just one part of an Infinity Gauntlet triptych that also includes a 2018 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive!

A rare variant edition of this fine art limited print, produced on patterned foil board, is also available for purchase but will not be connectable to the 2018 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive.

Regular Title: Infinity Gauntlet Act II
Limited Edition of: 250
Artist: Crystal Graziano
Height: 24”
Width: 18”
Printing Process: Offset printing
Material: Foil board

NOTE: This print is loaded into a top loader and shipped flat.
Infinity Gauntlet Act II

Additional Information

Artist Crystal Graziano
sku 90255
Paper Type Foil Board
Print Method Offset Print
Video No

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