Pulp Fiction Wall Scroll Variant

  • Limited Edition of: 100
  • Artist: Dave Perillo
  • Size: 12" x 36"
  • Printing Process: Screen Printed
  • Edition Type: Variant


Dave Perillo is a fan-favorite'Art-o-Rama' artist who has covered a wide array of subjects that range from Jaws to the Three Stooges and just about everything in between. His latest work of art is inspired by Quentin Tarantino's critically acclaimed film, 'Pulp Fiction' and was created exclusively for the Upper Deck Gallery. Perillo's 12" x 36" illustration depicts the cast of Pulp Fiction characters in iconic scenes from the movie using the artist's unique style of bright colors, geometrical patterns and distinctive layouts.

Coming off the success of his first independent film 'Reservoir Dogs,' Quentin Tarantino made 'Pulp Fiction' just two years later in 1994, and the film immediately became a hit with critics and audiences thanks to engaging dialogue, compelling character development and a wry mix of humor and violence. The film went on to earn seven Academy Award nominations, and won for Best Original Screenplay. It has since earned a large cult following, garnering respect for its ingenious writing, enduring cultural effect and the fact it opened the doors for a sizable wave of independent filmmaking.

The more rare variant version of the 12" x 36" wall scroll features a cream color card stock with color tone variations and is limited to just 100 prints. Created in a more subtle color pallet, this print shows the same classic scenes from the film, including the dance sequence at Jack Rabbit Slims and the restaurant robbery scene.

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