Wolverine Reflections

  • Limited Edition of: 250
  • Artist:  Chris Thornley
  • Size: 24" x 36"
  • Printing Process: Silk Screened
  • Edition Type: Regular


Wolverine has had a long past helped along by his mutant healing factor. This fan favorite mutant and antihero's time has been filled by epic battles and heart wrenching moments. Artist Chris Thornley imagines him sitting quietly reflecting on some of the biggest moments of his past:

  • His creation during the Weapon X program
  • The temporary removal of his Adamantium during a battle with Magneto
  • The death of his beloved Mariko

Wolverine Reflections is a 24" x 36" premium silk screened print that is hand numbered to only 250 copies.

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More Information
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Gallery Print Sizes 24" x 36"
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