Original Gaming from Upper Deck
Dungeon Draft™ Game from Upper Deck
Dungeon Draft™: Over the course of four rounds, 2-5 players will draft Heroes and Weapons and use them to defeat Monsters and complete Quests in an effort to earn XP. You will use Gold to recruit the Heroes and Weapons you draft. Recruiting Heroes and Weapons allow you to defeat Monsters with attack, acquire additional gold and gain sought after XP. Contains: 173 cards, 25 Quest cards, 80 Tokens, 1 Rulebook. Buy Now
Quest for the Antidote™ Game from Upper Deck
Quest for the Antidote™: You and the other players have been poisoned by the mad King! Armed with only your wits and a list of antidote ingredients, you must battle the wilds, monsters, and your fellow players to be the first to return to the Apothecary with the items you need. Time is of the essence as every move and roll of the dice will deplete your fading life. Contains: 140 cards, 1 6-sided Dice, 1 10-sided Dice, 6 Player markers, 1 Game Board, 1 Rulebook Buy Now
Dread Draw™ Game from Upper Deck
Dread Draw™: A strategy card game of press your luck competitive fortune telling. Each round players take turns trying to summon cards from the Draw Deck. Summoned cards must have a greater strength than the one you summoned last. Failure will result in your elimination from the round and loss of cards from your Life Deck. Be the last one standing to win the game. Will fortune smile upon you? Contains: 100 Cards, 1 Rulebook Buy Now
The Dingo Ate the Baby™ Game from Upper Deck
The Dingo Ate the Baby™: A fast-paced game for 2-5 players. The goal each day is to collect enough cards within your ranch in an attempt to reach the total value needed for that day, without going over. This seems simple enough, but other players will attempt to sabotage your ranch, using animals, babies, sunlight and darkness to scare, chase, overpopulate and even eat things within your ranch. Contains: 65 Cards, 1 10-sided Die, Game Board, 5 Score Markers, 1 Rulebook Buy Now
Shark Island™ Game from Upper Deck
Shark Island™: A cooperative game for 2-5 players that pits up to 4 Shark Hunter Players against a monstrous Great White Shark Player working to terrorize the island. The Hunters must work together and search the surrounding waters to find and kill the Shark in a rapid form of card combat. The Shark must outsmart the Hunters and accumulate enough terror to win the game. Contains: 82 Tiles, 153 Cards, 34 Tokens, 3 Custom Dice, 6 Player Standees, 1 Rulebook Buy Now
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